Former North Leeward MP says ‘game over’ for ULP
Patel Matthews
February 18, 2022

Former North Leeward MP says ‘game over’ for ULP

A former opposition parliamentarian is challenging the New Democratic Party to let the ruling Unity Labour Party know that “ game over.”

This was the declaration of former North Leeward representative, Roland “Patel” Matthews to delegates at the party’s convention last week Sunday February 13.

“The New Democratic Party must let the ULP know, game over,” Matthews echoed.

“You are the people’s choice, you are the majority, for God’s sake, act like it,” Matthews challenged the NDP.

He added that, “ too much foolishness is going on in St Vincent and the Grenadines. “

The former MP also voiced his concerns over plans to carry out quarrying operations in North Leeward.

He said this decision shows disrespect to the people of North Leeward.

Matthews lost the 2020 general elections to the ULP’S Carlos James.

On Sunday he said once the people of North Leeward call upon him to represent them in the next general elections, “I will be willing and able to do so.”

Delivering opening remarks at Sunday’s convention, the NDP chairman, Daniel Cummings said the party is stronger now “than it has ever been.”

He said the conversation symbolised “a signal change, and call to action, and forward march to the freedom of our people and the upliftment of our country. “

Cummings added that the NDP has the best team and that Sunday’s convention marks a “crossroad.”

“We have had enough. We are taking no more” Cummings remarked.