CDEMA and CARICAD  recommit to  capacity building in the region
Executive Director of CARICAD Devon Rowe (left) and Executive Director of CDEMA Ronald Jackson signed a MOU signalling a strategic partnership between the two agencies.
December 23, 2021
CDEMA and CARICAD recommit to capacity building in the region

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency ( CDEMA) and the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU) to renew a joint commitment to capacity building the Caribbean. The MOU, signed on December 20, outlines advancement of the Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) blueprint, mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction, technical assistance and development of Strategic Plans as key points of collaboration, a release from the disaster agency states.

Executive Director of CDEMA,Elizabeth Riley highlighted that since the first signing in 2016, the agencies have collaborated in several capacities over the years, including response to disaster events and strategic planning.

“Today’s signing is a fitting positive end to a challenging year. For the CDEMA Co-ordinating Unit, this second MOU constitutes a renewal, extension and expansion of our institutional commitment to this partnership,” Riley said.

Executive Director of CARICAD, Mr. Devon Rowe said: “This second agreement further strengthens our collaboration and comes at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic and the global response to it have reshaped the thinking of many. The continuation of this MOU offers the opportunity to build on the gains of the past and the forg[ing of] new solutions for an environment that is evolving in front of our very eyes.”

The MOU provides a platform and binding basis for formal agreement, co-operation, and collaboration for joint, supportive action between the agencies in the execution of their respective mandates and outlines the relationship and expected actions between the two.

Executive Director of CDEMA, Ms. Elizabeth Riley, and Executive Director of CARICAD, Mr. Devon Rowe, signed off on the MOU to renew their agencies’ commitment to capacity building in the region