New “Round Town” shuttle service
The three partners behind the “Round Town Taxi”, (from left) Akil Williams, Kai Williams and Sean Little pose with their first Tuk Tuk/Rickshaw/KeKe
February 21, 2020

New “Round Town” shuttle service

“Different attracts”, explained Sean ‘Stack House’ Little, as he explained the people’s positive response to the yellow three-wheel rickshaw/Tuk Tuk/Keke he and his partners chose for their new “Round Town” shuttle service.

The Kingstown Park resident, and his business partners, siblings Akil Williams and Kai Williams, also from Kingstown Park, are certainly right about that, as the yellow trailblazer has been attracting many eyes since it first hit the roads on February 6.

The gas-powered taxi is a traditional yellow of the cabs one might see in New York city, the words “Round Town Taxi” on the front, and a classic logo depicting the rickshaw underneath a picture of the capital on the side.

While the rickshaw is a new addition to the transportation scene around Kingstown, the trio started formulating the plan for a shuttle service four or five years ago, according to Little.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on February 12, the businessman explained that he and his partners saw the need for the service around town, as they, and hundreds of other Vincentians, had to move themselves and goods around the town every day.

Therefore, “It’s (Round Town) really aimed at making the movement of goods and people more easy around the town. That’s the true aim…and more affordable of course,” Little stated.

Expounding on the argument that “Round Town” is offering the most affordable rates around the Kingstown, he said that the going rates are $2 for school kids to travel anywhere around the town, and from $5 for adults to travel around the interior of the town, to $10 for them to travel from one end of town to another.

Little, equipped with shades and gloves, is the driver behind the steering of the three-wheeler.

“My partners, they both study in Cuba, and they had witnessed the Bicitaxi,” Little states, continuing, “it’s like a tricycle but it’s pedalled and it carries two people in the back and one person pedalling, and so they had witnessed how useful the Bicitaxi is around a Cuban city and so got the idea and they told me about it.”

The Bicitaxi is also known as a Tuk Tuk in Asia, and Keke in Nigeria.

“I immediately fell in love with the vehicle,” Little intoned.

There have been those that inquired about the safety of the vehicles, but Little counters that they have been used “pretty safely” since the 1980s.

“Some people might be worried about the balance, but ,they are designed in a way that they won’t flip over,” he added.

As to the response from customers so far, he disclosed “Oh yeah everyone seems to like it…that’s why it’s different…different attracts people.”

The trio have plans to bring two more similar taxis on the scene.

“We are forming a company, a business where we’re going to be providing services that cater to the town itself, that…would be unique to the town itself. So its not just these vehicles and these movements, there would also be other services,” Little explained.