April 27, 2018

Caricom Youth Ambassadors SVG Committee elects new executive


The CARICOM Youth Ambassadors’ (CYA) SVG Committee successfully elected a new executive on Friday, April 20.

The successful candidates are Ademola Williams – deputy male CYA, Shernell Hadaway – deputy female CYA, Shadyn McLean – secretary, Descilla Samuel public relations officer, Shari Bramble publications officer and Subrina Richards – treasurer.

Claiming victory after being elected deputy male CYA, Williams said “I would like to thank everyone that took part in this election, each candidate, the winners and even the ones that didn’t gain the positions you would have competed for.”

The new executive committee has been tasked with finalizing sub-committees and other events geared at Youth Empowerment for the remainder of the year and expressed confidence in this being the most productive year that the CYA’s SVG executive has ever seen.

The new executive was presented officially at the second committee meeting for the month of April, held on Saturday, April 21.