‘Everything Vincy Expo’ 2018 promises to be bigger and better
April 24, 2018

‘Everything Vincy Expo’ 2018 promises to be bigger and better


INVEST SVG, the facilitators of last year’s inaugural ‘Everything Vincy Expo’, will be working with a regional trade and investment promotion agency to host the event this year.

Deputy Executive Director for Invest SVG, Nadine Agard-Juillerat, speaking at a workshop at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conference room last Friday divulged the budding collaboration.

“This year we plan to have a much bigger, a much better expo, and we’re looking forward to your participation, but just know that we’re not doing it solely so that we can have a nice, refined finish, because we have Caribbean Export on our side,” Agard-Juillerat stated.

The ‘Everything Vincy Expo’, which took place last year displayed the products of 40 local businesses over the course of three days last October.

This year, Invest SVG will be hosting the ‘Everything Vincy Plus Expo’ with the Caribbean Export Development Agency as co-hosts.

Ending the announcement on a note of hopefulness, Agard-Juillerat said, “While we have a low GDP (Gross Domestic Product), we still have a very strong potential for growth. I have seen this myself, just simply from attending the expo last year. A lot of the products that Vincentian hands and Vincentian initiative are being put into, they blew my mind.”