August 29, 2017

Course 16 marks 20 years as law enforcement officers

Fifteen members of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force celebrated a milestone achievement on Tuesday, August 15, 2017, when they celebrated their 20th anniversary as members of the local constabulary.

The members of Course #16, who were enlisted on August 15, 1997, and remain in the organization are: Lieutenant Commander Deon Henry; Chief Petit Officer Brandgurgon Glasgow; Petit Officers Celia Charles and Edwin Durrant; Sergeants Bernadette Matthews, Bertram Jack, Junior Ross and Suzetta Rodgers; Corporals Angela Byron, Delroy Tittle and Kevin Scarborough and Constables Sigbert Joseph, Worrel Franklyn, Osrick James and Glendon David.

To mark the anniversary, the group conducted radio and television interviews, held a church service, staged a family day at Rawacou, assisted in painting the house of a needy person in Calliaqua and closed off with a social evening at Krusher’s Bar in Calder.

Members of the group shared the view that while they are happy to have accomplished the feat, service to the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) and making a difference in the lives of people whom they serve have been their hallmark.

Lieutenant Commander Deon Henry, the highest ranked member of the group, said he is thanking God for guidance throughout the years to him and the other members of his Course. He said he would also like to thank family and friends for their support.

“On a personal note my achievement is not what really inspires me within the system, but to give back to my community, to my country and government and people of St Vincent and the Grenadines,” said LC Henry, who was awarded Best Recruit when his batch graduated.

He said even though he graduated as best recruit and had expressed interest in joining the Coast Guard, he was not immediately granted that wish, but was rather sent to the Special Services Unit and to Special Branch to work.

LC Henry said Sir James Mitchell, when he was Prime Minister, asked him about his interest as a police officer and put things in motion for him to become a Coast Guard officer. He said he grabbed the opportunity with both hands and pursued his career with a passion. He later attended the Caribbean Maritime Institute in Jamaica and also has among his accomplishments being the youngest member of the ‘Officer Corps’ at one stage.

“I would advice each member of my Course to continue to give of their best on the job and prepare for retirement. Some persons may be disgruntled, but they are not there because of themselves,” said LC Henry.

LC Henry is advising his colleagues that even though they have attained 20 years as police officers, they should renew their guards and treat every day as their first day on the job.

Some 33 recruits joined the Police Force on August 15, 1997, but three left before Course #16 was completed. The others resigned over the years.