August 25, 2017

Students maintain high pass rates in CAPE

High pass rates have been maintained in most subjects taken in the May/June sitting of the 2017 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE).

A release from the Ministry of Education said there was a candidate entry of 596, 553 of whom were from the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC) and 43 private candidates. The SVGCC candidates sat 1,877 examinations in 21 different subjects.

Passing grades (Grades 1to V) were obtained in 1,722 subject sittings, representing an overall pass rate of 91.74 per cent. This represents an increase over the 2016 results, where the overall pass rate was 87.10 per cent. This year’s pass rate is also the highest it has been since 2004, when the overall pass rate was 100 per cent.

For CAPE 2017, the following subjects recorded a 100 per cent pass rate: Biology Unit 2, Caribbean Studies Unit 1, Chemistry Unit 1 & 2, Digital Media Unit 1 & 2, French Unit 2, Geography Unit 1 & 2, Literatures in English Unit 1 & 2, Management of Business Unit 1, Physical Education and Sport Unit 1 & 2, and Physics Unit 1.

This year’s results show that high pass rates have been maintained in most subjects taken. Other Advanced Proficiency subjects were taken at the Cambridge International Examination.