VINLEC overhauls generating Unit #3
August 11, 2017

VINLEC overhauls generating Unit #3

St Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) has a mission to provide quality, reliable electricity supply. In keeping with this mission, an overhaul of a generating unit at the Lowmans Bay Power Plant is taking place. Overhauls are done to increase the engine’s power output, economy, and durability and form part of VINLEC’s ongoing maintenance programme.

Staff from the company’s Generation Department commenced a 36,000-hour overhaul of Unit #3 at the plant on July 12. This engine is one of two installed in the second phase of the Lowmans Bay Generation Expansion project in 2010.

This overhaul will be carried out over a six-week period. In this instance, the engine has been disassembled and all components that have life hours will be renewed. Simultaneously, the base components are being examined and measurements are being taken for reference on continued life in service.

Preparation for such projects are quite extensive and begin months in advance of the physical work on the engine. For example, all spares are purchased at least three months in advance from the manufacturer and on sight at least six weeks before commencement.

This is the third 36,000-hour overhaul of an engine at the Lowmans Bay site. In the environment, it takes approximately six years for an engine to get to this phase, based on running engines at the plant for an average of 6,000 hours a year.

The mechanical and electrical staff continue to work diligently to achieve the targets set for this period and endeavour to complete the overhaul in the scheduled time.