June 16, 2017

Faith Temple to stage ‘Father/Child Showcase’

The Faith Temple Church in New Montrose will on Sunday, June 18, Father’s Day, be staging a special programme entitled: ‘The Father/Child Showcase’, in celebration of fathers at the church.

The programme, which is being held under the theme: “Father as God Ordained”, is being organized to add to the celebration of Father’s Day; to portray fathers positively as God intended; to strengthen the bonds between fathers and children and to deepen the level of fellowship at the church.

The fathers and their child will make four judged appearances, which will include: an introductory appearance in which they will demonstrate their level of bonding; a talent appearance, in which the father and child will perform together; a church wear appearance, where they will model clothes worn to church and an interview segment, when the father and child will answer a biblical question on parenting. There will also be a guest appearance by leading local gospel artiste Ronnie Richardson.

The Faith Temple Father/Child Showcase begins at 6 p.m. at the church and the public is being invited to be part of this one-of-a-kind event.