EasySky now offers direct flights from SVG to Cuba
June 2, 2017

EasySky now offers direct flights from SVG to Cuba

Travelling directly from St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) to Guyana and Cuba and back is now possible.

EasySky, a Honduras-based airline that has been providing occasional direct flights out of the Argyle International Airport (AIA) to these destinations, has now been given the air certificate that allows them to fully operate out of the AIA.

EasySky has its head office in San Pedro Sula, Cortes, and its primary operational base is at Goloson International Airport in La Ceiba, Atlantida. The company has appointed local Colin Ash as their Caribbean region representative.

On Wednesday, Ash told SEARCHLIGHT: “Finally EasySky got the okay; last week Thursday we got verification that we can operate in St Vincent fully”.

Ash says that their licence to begin full operations out of SVG becomes fully legal today, June 2.

EasySky will have eight flights a month to start their operations, but they can do more than that. Ash said that operating on a temporary air certificate, they came here last week Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and again on Wednesday this week.

“We realize that we can do more than that, but one of the main hold-backs is that with Rubis that supplies the fuel for the airline… they only can handle a certain amount of flights, due to fuel restrictions,” explained Ash, who added that Rubis wants to know exactly how many flights EasySky wants to do, because Rubis’ new storage facility would not be ready until mid-June.

“So, even after the June phase, we plan to even do more business,” said Ash, adding that they usually have full flights from Cuba to Guyana and the Cuba office has already started promoting SVG as a destination.

He said that discussions have already been had with the Cuba office in relation to Vincy Mas.

“We wish we had more time, but we are pushing all the way. It will grow, because with EasySky, our main interest in St Vincent is this country being the main hub for us in the region,” stressed Ash, explaining that they will work with other airlines to have passengers use EasySky as a connecting airline.

EasySky is currently in the process of setting up their office at the AIA, which will be up and running before month end. To book, persons can go to easysky.hn website or contact Ash at 1-784-530-9765. Persons can also check the local travel agents for EasySky bookings.

The prices for this destination will soon be released and Ash says that they will be very competitive, while persons will be able to go to Guyana then on to Panama.

EasySky is also hoping to have their own hangar at the AIA and after that is built, they are planning to register three airlines here and add more destinations.

“We are also setting up a website to link local hotels with airline bookings and that should be running by the ending of June,” revealed Ash.

EasySky operates two Bae Jetstream 3100 and one Boeing 737 and last February, operating on a month-long air certificate, managed to move 240 persons between SVG, Cuba and Guyana.