CW Prescod Primary School’s Fathers’ Conference meets objectives
June 2, 2017

CW Prescod Primary School’s Fathers’ Conference meets objectives

The CW Prescod Primary School, last Thursday, staged a special fathers’ conference at Frenches House, to sensitize fathers to the important role they play in their children’s education, as well as to help them become more involved through partnership with the school.

The conference also sought to empower fathers to better mentor boys and be good examples to girls, through active participation in their lives and enable them to become better role models in society through training and empowerment.

Chief organizer Patsy Ann Garraway said that based on the turnout of the fathers of students of the school, the objectives were achieved.

Speaking at the conference, Garraway, who was the brain behind the activity, noted: “We need to return to the days when it was the father’s role to be the spiritual authority in the home, to look after not only the physical aspect, but also the spiritual well-being of the family, Garraway said.

“Research has shown that [children of] fathers who take the time out to find out what their children are engaged in at school and what they do on a daily basis do better in school than those whose fathers show no interest in their activities.”

Meanwhile, Career Guidance officer in the Ministry of Education, Ecclesiastical Affairs and National Reconciliation Chesley Ferdinand supported the CW Prescod Primary School’s undertaking.

“We have a role to play and as was stated and restated, the role of the father is critical to the development of our young minds, especially our young males …,” Ferdinand stated. “There is almost a lack of role models and responsible men who will stand as guides and will help our young ones to chart the way forward.”

More than 60 fathers attended the conference, which was also addressed by principal of the CW Prescod Primary School Suzette Abbott-King, along with senior education officer Yvette Antoine, president of the school’s parent-teacher association Conroy Huggins and parent Cleton Burnett.

Based on the success of the conference, which was themed “Bridging the Gap”, Garraway revealed that several follow-up activities would be held to ensure that the momentum is maintained and that there are tangible engagements between fathers and their children.