May 30, 2017
Hitz, Ezee FM radio stations closing, Magic FM coming

Magic 103.7 FM is hoping to not only cater for the younger demographic, but also appeal to the older listeners.

So, said Roger Dalrymple, assistant manager of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Broad­casting Corporation (SVGBC), parent company of Magic FM, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT Thursday.

This new radio station comes on the heels of the closing of St Vincent and the Grenadines oldest FM station, Hitz FM, and sister station Ezee Radio.

Dalrymple explained that they choose to close the two radio stations after realizing that the market penetration was becoming stagnant.

“We felt that we needed to do something different… that would appeal to a wider demographic,” he noted.

Dalrymple described Magic FM as a “hot, adult contemporary station”.

“It is music… that is not so much the heavy soca and dancehall… you have certain types of hip-hop, some modern gospel, modern country, the R&B and that kind of music.”

Dalrymple said that while the station would not have a talk show, there would be audience interaction.

“There would be mild interaction with the audience, involving them in what they are currently up to at that particular time… the opportunity to win prizes,” he said.

Dalrymple noted that there would be quizzes, sharing life hacks, segments for local artistes, etc.

 He said that the name Magic was chosen because they felt that it was something people would relate to and the programme content lends itself to a name like that.

Dalrymple also indicated that the familiar voices from Hitz FM and Ezze Radio would be on Magic FM.

“No new persons, it is just a new station.”

Magic FM will make its first broadcast on June 1.