TRINITY SGA holds club fair for new students
May 16, 2017
TRINITY SGA holds club fair for new students

Students of Trinity School of Medicine who had been recently inducted into the summer Class of 2021, were given the opportunity to learn of the many clubs which function as part of the Student Government Association (SGA), giving service to communities across St Vincent and the Grenadines. This option was afforded the future doctors, as the SGA held its inaugural club fair on the grounds of the institution.

According to Morgan Jackson, Term Three student and chief justice of the Disciplinary Committee of the SGA, the executive chose to do things differently with the introduction of new students to the clubs at Trinity: Society of Medicine and Surgery; Trinity Welcoming Committee; Christian Medical and Dental Association; RAWC – the committee that oversees all the sporting activities, including hockey, basketball, volleyball, and taekwondo; the American, Canadian, and Caribbean Medical Students Associations; Kid Companions; and the Trinity Rugby and Dive Clubs. She explained, “This club fair is really for the new students. Usually, during the first week of the term, we would have a meeting in the classroom, where everyone looks at a PowerPoint presentation on the clubs.” She noted that the SGA wanted to create an activity which would not only introduce the new students just to the clubs and the work they do, but also to those students who already form part of these organizations.

Uniquely, the new interactive format was outlined by Morgan: “The clubs come out and set up tables to organize their displays. In that way, they can tell new students who they are and what they do, so as to get them involved. There are snacks for everyone; different sports are being played, and there is music; all structured to act as a mix and mingle.”

The activity was hailed to be, “a lot more friendly and personable, as the students get to meet new people: better than sitting in a classroom and looking at a presentation”. In addition to these, two service providers were invited to present displays at the fair. These were chosen after the SGA had taken their charges on a tour of Kingstown, where the restaurant ‘Lola’s’ became an instant favourite. The ‘Onyx Spa’, which also came in for high praise, conducted demonstrations.

A chat with new students highlighted the experience. Brock Malatches stated, “It’s easier to get involved when you can walk around and meet people. I was encouraged to join CaMSA and AMSA.” John Olsen eagerly reported, “It’s really nice to see all the upper termers and the physical displays of the clubs. Everyone has explained what they’re about and benefits from signing up. They gave us a pitch and I ended up signing on for AMSA, Society of Medicine and Surgery, and Kid Companions.”

Fifth Term student, Karen Steiner, who is the vice-president of SMS and a member of AMSA and the Dive Club, lauded the change in the format of the activity, admitting, “I think it’s better because, honestly, in Term One we had nothing like this. We just watched the PowerPoint for about an hour. This way, students can actually talk to each other and socialize.”

The organizing committee of the Student Government Association Club Fair is quite satisfied with the results of the activity. All is set now, with a number of clubs ready to embark on planned community activities.