IHSYL give Helping Hands Centre facelift
May 12, 2017
IHSYL give Helping Hands Centre facelift

An initiative to refurbish the playroom at the Helping Hands Centre at New Montrose by the 2017, Intermediate High School (IHS) RBC Young Leaders has lifted the spirits at that institution.

This year, as part of their 2017, RBC Young Leaders project, the IHS Young Leaders totally refurbished the playroom at the centre, changing it from a modest space to a bright room with lots of appeal. The room, which took the Young Leaders two weeks to refurbish, including working on Saturdays and Sundays and even on the May I, Labour Day holiday, has been repainted. Murals depicting cartoon characters, nature and the sea, among other things, have been painted on the walls. Shelves were also built and the room designed in a way to appeal to the kids.

The room was handed over on May 3 and co-ordinator at the Helping Hands Centre Annis John-Daisley has encouraged the Young Leaders to continue doing good deeds.

“I am so elated to have the Young Leaders doing such a wonderful job. When we came in that morning (Tuesday, May 2), the place was so bright and the students had a tour and they were really excited. So I just want to thank the Young Leaders and the persons who coordinate this programme.

“I want to encourage you to continue to do good work, because with your talent you can reach very far and I know the students are happy and the room is so beautiful. I think that they will be so comfortable in their new space, so I just want to say again on behalf of the students and parents, thanks so much for bringing a light into the Helping Hands Centre and continue to do what you are doing; it’s a beautiful job,” said John-Daisley.

Commenting, vice-president of the IHS Young Leaders Everad Jackson said that the group was happy to be handing over the newly refurbished playroom.

“Over the last few weeks we have been working very hard to complete this room… we have been painting, cleaning, drawing and even making charts for the children under the theme ‘Volunteer today; we rise by lifting others’. The 2017 RBC Young Leaders will certainly rise by lifting others,” Jackson noted.

Principal of the IHS Elspeth Latchman, who was also present at the ceremony, said that she was overwhelmed “to be standing here today as part of our 2017 young leaders group” and that the theme is one that is fitting.

“They are volunteering for impact and I think they made quite an impact here at the Helping Hands Centre. I am happy that these students can go away feeling a sense of fulfilment, since they would have done a job that perhaps they never thought they would have been able to do. I know that the children and staff at the Helping Hands Centre will have a ball in their new playroom,” said Latchman.

One of the co-ordinating teachers of the IHS Young Leaders, Kimberley Young-Compton, said that as a result of the theme, the IHS Young Leaders decided to focus on the children in society, moreso, the sick, disabled and disadvantaged children.

“…so, we have been going to the paediatric ward at the hospital, we visited the St Benedict’s Day Nursery and Children’s Home at Georgetown and we chose to do our big project at the Helping Hands Centre, here in New Montrose,” said Young-Compton.

“I am very proud of the Young Leaders who came out two weekends and worked on Sundays and Saturdays and on Labour Day Monday; they worked very hard. We just want to say thank you to the Helping Hands and this would not be the last that you see of us,” Young-Compton stated.

She also thanked the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) for making the project possible by providing funding.

President of the Association for Persons with Disabilities Junior Bacchus said that the Helping Hands Centre is one of the programmes that the Association is responsible for. He noted that the Helping Hands Centre is an institution that, on a daily basis, caters to severely disabled children, in an attempt to get them ready for regular schooling.

“This kind of project, the Young Leaders project, which is sponsored by RBTT, is really something very good for young people; so when I was contacted by the coordinator for the students, I was very happy to say yes, because I know that things like these make lasting impact on the lives of young people and it is a very good thing for them,” said Bacchus.