Man chopped, knocked  unconscious by assailants
May 5, 2017
Man chopped, knocked unconscious by assailants

A male in his 40s was severely wounded at around 7 p.m. on Wednesday night, during an altercation with a man and a woman in the Paul’s Avenue area.

The man sustained injuries when an argument with a woman escalated and he ended up being struck in the face with a stone, which knocked him unconscious. The man was also chopped on his left leg by a male accomplice of the woman, all in the view of the wounded man’s young son.

The hurt man, after being revived by an onlooker, was offered a ride to the hospital, but refused and limped away bleeding, with his hand on his son’s shoulder, while children from the area encouraged him to seek medical attention, as his wounds were very serious and appeared life-threatening.

The gruesome act of violence, which is said to have evolved from a domestic dispute, was witnessed by a number of youths from the Paul’s Avenue community.