May 5, 2017
Full praises for FLOW involvement in Bequia Easter activities

Carlos Williams of the Bequia Onshore Activities Management Committee, commodore of the Bequia Sailing Club Elric “Aloe” Ragguette and president of the Union Island Easterval Committee Addon White are full of praise for FLOW for helping make the annual Easter celebrations a success.

According to Williams, once again, super platinum sponsors FLOW helped make sure that the various Easter activities went down well.

Williams said that the Easter programme in Bequia covers a diverse set of activities, from gospel concerts to swimming. He said that this year he was extremely impressed with the turnout at the gospel concert, while the activities under the almond tree in Bequia on Easter Monday had one of the biggest turnouts ever.

“All in all, FLOW, in partnership with the Bequia Onshore Committee, made a huge difference this Easter for the people on Bequia, for the patrons who came to Bequia and for the people who participated in our activities. FLOW, along with our other partners, helped make the events a huge success,” said Williams.

Ragguette also spoke of the success of the activities put on by the Bequia Sailing Club.

“Every one of the races was a success, from the Friday to the Monday. We didn’t have any sailing casualties and all in all everything went off smoothly,” said Ragguette, who added that participation was up in several categories.

White said that once again they were able to put on a festival in Union Island and they are thankful for the support from FLOW.

Corporate communications officer at FLOW Nikala Williams said that they were happy to be involved in all the Easter festivals in the Grenadines, as FLOW continues to ensure that culture and what is true to the people are maintained and supported.