ECGC boosts Vincy Mas 2017 with EC$30,000
April 28, 2017
ECGC boosts Vincy Mas 2017 with EC$30,000

The East Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC) has this year teamed up with the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) and as a result has given fuel to the CDC’s Beauty Shows Committee’s (BSC) female empowerment initiative.

Last Monday, at the ECGC’s office in Campden Park, chief executive Officer (CEO) of ECGC Osmond “Ozzie” Davy in the view of ECGC’s marketing manager Rachel Haslam, handed over to chair of the CDC Ricardo “Ricky” Adams a cheque for EC$30,000. Also present at the handing over were CEO of the CDC Ashford Wood and chairperson of the BSC Laferne Fraser.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Haslam said that the EC$30,000 has been earmarked to cover specific areas, the Miss SVG 2017 ECGC Empowerment Campaign, the Junior/Kiddies Carnival event and the Junior Calypso and Junior Soca Monarch competitions.

Haslam, said that the Miss SVG 2017 ECGC Empowerment Campaign is a new exercise and ECGC “is very proud to be associated with all of the contestants for Miss SVG 2017”.

Going further, Haslam said that ECGC’s involvement in Vincy Mas does not stop with Monday’s sponsorship, as they are also involved with several other entities associated with Carnival 2017.

The ECGC products that will be associated with Carnival are Ju-C water, Ju-C soft drinks and the energy drink Village Ram.

Also commenting, CEO Davy said that they are “very pleased” with the CDC partnership “on this very exciting year of Carnival”.

He said that the CDC is celebrating 40 years of Carnival and coincidentally, the ECGC is also celebrating its 40th year in business.

“…our tagline is excellence through teamwork. It is important to have excellence; we just do not want to be mediocre in any form or fashion. It is a pleasure of the board of directors of the ECGC, the staff and myself, to be really involved in Carnival this year,” said Davy.

He added, “As the CDC continues to grow with promises and new challenges, we are here to support the team and the organization. With the new chairman, Mr Ricardo Adams, we expect a lot of great things to happen”.

Davy said that two years ago, ECGC brought back the Ju-C brand and since then, they have always looked at Ju-C as “nostalgia in a bottle”.

Davy noted that ECGC, which is being listed as a gold sponsor of Vincy Mas, embraces the entire Carnival season.

“We are hoping that this year is going to be an excellent year for the CDC, a productive year, a profitable year and we are looking forward to great things in 2017 and beyond,” said Davy.

In accepting the money, CDC chair Adams said that they were very excited to welcome the ECGC on board this year.

“Excellence through teamwork, I think that is one of things that we at the CDC are interested in doing, partnering with corporate SVG to ensure that Vincy Mas 2017 is of benefit to SVG as a whole, not only to CDC,” said Adams.

“The teamwork, that we are expecting to put in with you guys to achieve the level of excellence we are seeking to achieve this year is important. Nostalgia in a bottle fits very well with the theme ‘Celebrating 40 years of Vincy Mas,” commented Adams, adding, “We are very happy to have you guys on board on our empowerment campaign, which is going to deal with the whole concept of empowering young ladies and letting them speak to issues. We are happy to be able to celebrate our 40th anniversary with ECGC and we hope that together we can achieve excellence through teamwork”.

Fraser also thanked the ECGC for collaborating with the CDC.

“We believe that contestants in the Miss SVG pageant, or any pageant, are on an ideal platform to be able to make positive social change. People everywhere, all over our country and even outside of our country, look up to these young women or anybody on such a platform and for that reason we should be able to send out powerful messages, messages that can evoke change or provoke change and that is what we are hoping to do,” said Fraser.

Miss SVG 2016 Nikianna Williams was also present at the handing-over ceremony. She stressed that the empowerment campaign was important and applauded ECGC’s efforts.