GHSYL conduct ‘Know Your BP, Get Ah GT’ project
April 25, 2017
GHSYL conduct ‘Know Your BP, Get Ah GT’ project

The St Vincent Girls’ High School (GHS) RBTT Young Leaders were again hard at work on another major project, along with one that was a repeat of an earlier venture during the last week.

On Saturday, April 22, several young ladies from the GHS RBTT Young Leaders collaborated with nurses from the Retired Nurses Association to conduct the “Know Your BP (Blood Pressure), Get Ah GT (Glucose Test)” project. The team travelled to four communities – Roseau, Calliaqua, Belair and Layou – with the aim of checking the blood pressure of residents and performing glucose tests as well. With the assistance of teachers from the GHS RBTT Young Leaders team and even parents, the girls and nurses were able to reach and assist over 100 persons all together.

This initiative was conducted under the health and wellness aspect of the girls’ theme of volunteerism “Volunteering Today, Impacting In Every Way”. Each team walked from house to house in the chosen communities to locate persons who were interested in taking part. Residents were very willing, noting that checking their blood pressure and glucose level was very important. The nurses also provided counselling to those in need. After their check-up, each resident received a pamphlet with health tips and a healthy recipe, as well as complementary fruit bowls that were prepared by Role Model Fruits, to encourage them to live and eat well. Through the assistance of Coreas Pharmacy, the enterprise was a success and the project was lauded by the participants. The GHS RBTT Young Leaders thanked the Retired Nurses Association for all the guidance and assistance they provided in every aspect of this initiative.

The group’s work continued on Sunday, April 23, with another Breakfast with the Homeless event. Breakfast was provided for over 100 persons at the Catholic Church’s Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen in Rose Place (Bottom Town). The initiative, again, focused on providing a hearty breakfast for those less fortunate within our society. The food was also prepared and served by the GHS RBTT Young Leaders. An interactive devotional session was held before breakfast was served at the Soup Kitchen. This endeavour was as successful as the last and many individuals were able to receive a hearty breakfast and great fellowship that morning.

The GHS RBTT Young Leaders have urged the members of the Vincentian public to be good to one another and remember to volunteer today, so that we can all make an impact in every way.