Trio escapes from Questelles Police Station
April 7, 2017

Trio escapes from Questelles Police Station

Three teenagers, who escaped from the Questelles Police Station during the early hours of Monday, April 3, have had to answer for their actions.

Sixteen-year-old Kenroy Henry, who is originally from Vermont, was sentenced to four months in prison after prosecutor Elgin Richards recommended a custodial sentence on Wednesday, April 5 at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court.

The Court heard that Henry, who lives on the streets of Kingstown, dropped out of school at second form after attending the Buccament Bay Secondary School and the West St George Secondary School.

In response, magistrate Bertie Pompey noted that Henry’s case is “ticklish,” but he has a duty to protect the public.

“I don’t like send young people to prison, but I don’t see any alternative,” he said.

However, lawyer and deputy speaker of the House of Assembly Carlos James rose as a friend of the court and advised the magistrate that the court is open to use its discretion.

He suggested that the young man be sentenced to community service, although he preferred that he be reprimanded and discharged because of his age.

This did not sway Pompey, who noted that Henry was a repeat offender, before handing down the prison sentence.

The magistrate, however stated that he was going to add community service to the sentence, but Henry was already in prison, remanded for another offence.

The two other teens who made the daring escape were a 15-year-old boy and a female — 19-year-old Kaysany Peters.

Henry and the 15-year-old had already been remanded in custody after no one showed up to court to pay their bail when they were charged with robbing two employees of PH Veira Ltd in January.

However, on Wednesday, the 15-year-old boy was deemed a minor and remanded in custody until April 18, when he is to reappear before the Family Court.

Meanwhile, Peters was fined a total of EC$1,300 for damage to property and for escaping custody.

When she escaped police custody on April 3, she was being held after being charged with damaging vehicle HJ4, the property of Sean Roberts on April 2.

The court heard that Peters, a resident of Campden Park/Barrouallie is in a relationship with Roberts and the two have had disputes in which Peters has been the aggressor.

On April 2, Peters asked Roberts to take her somewhere and he explained to her that he had a field trip; however, she became annoyed and began cursing.

During the argument, Roberts’ minibus was parked on the road and Peters took up a concrete block and threw it through the vehicle’s windshield, which is valued at $600.

A report was made and Peters was met at Barrouallie, where she was questioned and charged.

There was an adequate facility for her to be kept on remand at Barrouallie, so she was taken to the Questelles Police Station and placed in a cell by herself.

Around 3 a.m. on April 3, Corporal Browne was making checks and discovered that Peters was not in her cell. He raised the alarm and officers searched the area, but it was not until daylight that Peters was found at her Campden Park home, along with the two teenage boys.

The trio was taken to Questelles Police Station, where they were charged for escaping lawful custody. Officers believe that the trio somehow unscrewed bolts that secured the cell bars in order to make good their escape.

On Wednesday, Peters made no attempt to defend her actions in court and Pompey handed her a fine of $350 for damage to property, which is to be paid within one month.

She was also ordered to pay Roberts $600 in compensation or spend five months in prison, along with a $350 fine for escaping lawful custody.(AS)