Flow playing its part in Miss SVG, Vincy Mas once again
April 4, 2017
Flow playing its part in Miss SVG, Vincy Mas once again

Country Manager at FLOW Wayne Hull says that the company is happy to once again be part of the annual Miss St Vincent and the Grenadines beauty pageant.

This year, FLOW is sponsoring Jimelle Roberts, who was officially recognized by FLOW during a sashing ceremony, which was held at the Flow Wine Bar on Tuesday.

Commenting, Hull said that FLOW is proud to once again be a part of Carnival as a super platinum sponsor and also as part of the Miss SVG pageant in an integral way.

“The Miss SVG show

is a flagship event, so obviously we would always want to be associated with that event and support the development of the show. We have always been involved with the contestants who represent our brand and we are always willing to make a contribution to their development,” said Hull.

He said that FLOW’s contribution to Roberts is not only part of their contribution to the event, but a way of staying engrained in the development of our nation’s young women.

FLOW has been involved with the local pageant for over 10 years.