March 28, 2017

Overproof alcoholic beverages in checked luggage will be confiscated – AIA advisory

The Argyle International Airport (AIA) has advised that alcoholic beverages which exceed 70 per cent alcohol content by volume which are found in checked luggage will be confiscated.

A release issued by the AIA yesterday said in order to protect all passengers, the AIA Aviation Security is required by law to inspect all checked luggage.

The release said alcoholic beverages exceeding 70 per cent by volume (140 per cent proof) are among the items prohibited when travelling.

“AIA is the newest International Airport within the region and promises to develop and transform into a gateway and passenger/cargo hub for the Eastern Caribbean. As such, this necessary security precaution is for the safety of everyone and is required by law.

“Any prohibited items that are found in checked-in luggage can and will be confiscated by the AIA Aviation Security. We ask that all travellers be guided accordingly,” the release said.

For regulations concerning dangerous goods, please see Appendix 45, ICAO Doc 8973, 8 edition.