March 21, 2017
Vermont woman relieved ex-convict Pollin is dead

Vermont resident Belle Gordon is breathing a sigh of relief now that ex-convict Malcom Pollin is dead.

On February 27, 2017, Gordon took the witness stand at the Serious Offences Court to testify against Bridon Joseph, Courtney Joseph, Shemai Joseph, Lennox Andrews and Andres Cuffy, five men charged with the July 25, 2016 shooting and chopping murder of Kamau Jones.

However, earlier that day, Pollin and Mark Weekes, who were also arrested for the murder, were freed of the charge. However, Pollin’s son, Courtney Joseph remains in police custody charged with the murder.

Speaking with SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, the elderly Gordon said that she had been reliably informed that Pollin was plotting her death and one day while in her kitchen, she looked outside and saw Pollin casing her house.

Gordon further stated that since she testified, her four sons have moved back home to give her a sense of security.

“I don’t even know how to feel. I think he was going to kill me,” said Gordon, who also revealed that someone told her that he overheard Pollin saying that if she was killed, the charge against the five men would be dismissed.

The elderly woman admits to feeling relieved when she was told that Pollin had met his death.

Jones was murdered in the downstairs of Gordon’s home.