Action Bequia sees remarkable success in recycling initiative
March 7, 2017
Action Bequia sees remarkable success in recycling initiative

An Action Bequia initiative has just made its first delivery of ten 30 cubic ft bags full of plastic and metal drink containers to the All Island Recycling Centre in Campden Park (AIR Inc).

Bin pairs, for both litter and recyclable material, are being placed throughout Bequia, wherever people gather and walk.

Daily collections from those bins are made by the Action Bequia team using their own truck. The material gathered from the recycling bins is taken to the newly constructed recycling facilities located at “The Sandpit” in Port Elizabeth. There, it is sorted, washed and bagged ready for delivery to Campden Park. AIR recycles this material and shares part of the subsequent proceeds which enables the financial sustainability of the program.

“This has been a real community effort and thanks are due to many including Kelly Glass, for making space available the Sandpit, Bequia Express for ferrying material at no charge, Cabinet for granting concession on the importation of the truck and materials, Bequia District Council, the Bequia Tourism Association, CWSA and AIR for their close collaboration and of course Action Bequia’s funders and management, especially Recycling Project Director Lucille Cozier, and Michael Connell, who organised the building work and bin placements,” a release from Action Bequia said.

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