Tribute to ‘Shacker’, Victor and Hally
March 3, 2017
Tribute to ‘Shacker’, Victor and Hally

by CI Martin

The Prime Minister has been generous in his acknowledgement of my contribution to the conception and implementation of the Argyle International Airport. I would like to put on record the work done by three individuals: Adolphus Olliviere, aka Shacker – former chief surveyor, Victor Hadley and Harold Dougan.

When the airport was first conceived, it was thought that land would buy land. We sell Arnos Vale and buy Argyle. The only problem was that Arnos Vale could not be sold before Argyle was finished. One way around this would be to get a bridging loan from the NIS. Shacker, however, produced a list with some 18 government properties, on both the mainland and in the Grenadines, which National Properties (NP) could start selling immediately.

NP, in fact, sold some $80 million worth of property, more than 10 per cent of the cost of constructing the airport. During most of these sales, NP had three different chairpersons. One was Victor Hadley. The other two have already been publically thanked by the Prime Minister. Victor’s contribution did not end there.

He served on the IADC Board from beginning to end and could always be relied upon for a lucid and well thought-out contribution.

HW Dougan has been the CEO of National Properties through it all. Thanks is due to him and his staff for going well beyond the call of duty.