Vincentian writes novel of life-changing, near-death experience and revival
February 17, 2017

Vincentian writes novel of life-changing, near-death experience and revival

In 2011, Glenroy Browne was involved in a very serious vehicular accident which almost took his life.

And, based on that experience, he penned his memoir ‘Angels of the Caribbean,’ which chronicles his journey from overcoming a near-death experience to having a closer relationship with God, family and friends.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Browne said during the accident, he was protected by an angel. “In the instant that I bent to tie my shoe, I had this flash of an angel that came and stood alongside me with a shield that came around me,” Browne said, recounting the November 23, 2011 accident.

Browne, who was 60 years old at the time of the incident, said after the accident, he had to be flown out of the country for surgery, followed by rehabilitative therapy, since his leg was completely smashed.

“I benefited substantially, from psychosocial and spiritual interventions, which I think over and above the physical repair brought me back to where I am today…I have [an] enabling spirit within my being where I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

Although he was always a Christian, Browne said the experience and journey allowed him to find a faith that is above anything which he had before.

“…This experience and the years that I spent in recovery, I had to depend on others for most of what I needed,” he said, adding that from this, he found the desire to go and enroll in bible school.

He is now a pastor with the New Testament Church of God.

The trained agriculturalist and consultant noted that prior to that fateful day in 2011, he was an independent person, but the accident brought him to a place where he could have lost everything he had.

He, however, noted that he never had to worry about his needs being met.

“In my realization, I understand that there is a hierarchy of needs that we have. At the highest level is self-actualization and I have attained those levels…but it’s not because of me, it’s because of the power of divine intervention in my life and people who had a relationship with me.”

Browne noted that he also learned to be humble and accept the gracious support of others.

“More than that, I understood in a more powerful way what relationship means,” Browne stated.

He explained that while he had relationships with his family and friends, he had never come to a place of appreciating those relationships.

He also disclosed that he had never experienced pain until he came to a place where pain became a conquering giant.

“Beyond pain one has to understand that pain is an incentive and I came to utilize pain as a messenger in my life to indicate when something is wrong or when I am in a stressful situation.”

Additionally Browne noted that he has founded the Dorcas Purse organization, which is intended to carry out missions to persons in need of medical, psychological and social needs help.

Browne’s book, ‘Angels of the Caribbean,’ may be purchased online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Vincentians should expect a book launch in St Vincent in March, while a United States book launch is scheduled for April.(CM)