Story characters highlight Langley Park Government School’s Literacy Week
February 17, 2017
Story characters highlight Langley Park Government School’s Literacy Week

The Langley Park Government School celebrated its Literacy Week from February 6 to 10.

The list of activities climaxed last Friday with the “Characters Come Alive Day”.

This according to the coordinator of the activities, Sheverne Cato.

“Pupils and staff alike chose their favourite character from a book or television show and dressed the part… Presentations were made on these characters as they crossed the stage to highlight who they were portraying and what was so intriguing about the character.”

The week also had other activities, including a banner competition among the classes.

Cato stated that some of the most outstanding banners were Preschoolers’, whose was “Read to learn, grow and earn,” while Kindergarten’s was “I am learning to read until I can read to learn”.

Grade 1’s presentation was “Reading makes me think smarter; Grade 2 – “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” and Grade 5: “Reading for a brighter future”.

Also part of the week was the innovation of the Model Day.

“This year a word Model Day was introduced for the first time, taking the form of a pageant…Each class presented a word which was featured in different creative appearances….Students were asked to model the word meaning, synonym, antonym and word in context… Here, we had classes rendering drama, original songs and creative interviews, as they showcased their word of the day”.

Other activities, Cato said, were that students were given the opportunity to be the storyteller in a Reading Exchange among the classes, as well as the Read My T-shirt Day, in which the student population and teachers were attired in T-shirts, which their peers read.

Summing up the week, Cato evaluated, “We had a wonderful time listening to students making a chain story after being given a topic… The results in some instances were hilarious, as pupils did not know what the others wrote.

“We sincerely thank the parents, staff and students for their contribution and support in making Literacy week 2017 at the Langley Park Government School a huge success… We look forward to many more favourable and successful ones,” Cato concluded.