Woman disappointed in behaviour of nurse
February 7, 2017
Woman disappointed in behaviour of nurse

Medical professionals are supposed to conduct themselves in a certain manner, but a Sans Souci woman is alleging that recently, the behaviour of a nurse disappointed her deeply.

According to Alicia “Nerissa” Smart, for a number of years now, persons have been defaming her by saying that she is HIV/AIDS positive, even though she has done numerous tests that show she is not.

Last week, Smart told SEARCHLIGHT that many persons have been spreading the rumour and it is having a toll on her, but what makes it worse is that recently, a nurse at a district clinic, whom she identified, joined in the lie.

“Recently a nurse … tell my boyfriend she sorry for him, because I got AIDS. I asked her about it and she apologized, but the thing is, I never sick in my whole life with no kind of infectious disease,” said Smart, who noted that the only time she has ever had to visit the hospital was when she had an asthma attack.

She stressed that she is at her wits’ end with the talk of her being HIV/AIDS positive.

“The one that really hurting me is how a nurse did that. My name reach Tortola, England, Canada, places I never go in my life; people done hear my name and I never went there,” said the former hairdresser.

She said that she was once full-figured, but after bearing three children and doing two surgeries (C-Section), she lost the weight she once carried and that is what spurred the rumours.

Smart is the mother of a 16-year-old boy and two girls, 10 and 11.

She said in November she was in an altercation and got locked up because a girl went to her village and told her that she has HIV and looked bad.

Smart said that her mother-in-law is alleged to have commented to her (Smart’s) boyfriend that the only reason that her tests show up as negative is because she is on antiretroviral medication and that causes the virus not to show up.

“It’s overbearing and I’m fed up and just want this come to an end. I ask people to stop please. Boniness is not sickness; because somebody lose weight, it could be stress and other health issues. Not AIDS alone does kill,” said Smart, who showed SEARCHLIGHT the results of numerous HIV/AIDS test.

“I have the proof to show I’m not HIV/AIDS positive,” said Smart. (LC)