IADC head thanks PM for ‘confidence’ in AIA project
February 7, 2017
IADC head thanks PM for ‘confidence’ in AIA project

The head of the International Airport Development Company (IADC) has publicly thanked Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves for selecting him to head the construction of the Argyle International Airport (AIA), and for maintaining “confidence” in him throughout the duration of the project.

Speaking on a panel discussion hosted on WE FM recently, Dr Rudy Matthias, addressing the Prime Minister, said: “There was a lot of debate in the public about my suitability for the job; and I hope I haven’t failed you.”

He further thanked the Prime Minister for his support throughout the project, and recalled that often times when the IADC team came up against challenges, Gonsalves was always willing to assist in finding a solution.

Gonsalves, describing Matthias as a “brilliant man”, said that the nation owes the IADC head and his team a tremendous debt of gratitude.

“Over the whole period there was not perfection, but they did heroic work and I want to thank them publicly.”

He added: “It was not an easy ride, but we got there.”

Gonsalves also expressed deep gratitude to the various stakeholders who came together to make this project a reality, and also the individuals who contributed financially to the AIA.

He further urged the critics to recognize and get on board with the AIA’s potential to improve SVG.

“Stop bad-mouthing the airport; stop wishing it ill,” the PM implored.

“What we all have to do now is make this thing work. This airport holds immense promise and I am satisfied that those who are charged with seeking to get the airlines and to build the hotel rooms… that progress is being made and will further be made.” (JSV)