January 31, 2017

Road too dark, say Graeme Hall residents

RESIDENTS of Graeme Hall, Christ Church, Bar­ba­dos are asking the authorities to shed some light on why the stretch of road where Sunday’s fatal accident occurred remains unlit.

They said Sunday’s incident occurred along an area that had not one single working street light for the last few years.

Andy Downes told the DAILY NATION he had contacted the Government Electrical Engineering Department (GEED) over the matter.

He read from a letter dated December 28, 2016 and sent to acting chief electrical officer, Electrical Engineers Department, Tyrone White, which stated: “Approximately five years ago I called the GEED on at least three occasions and recall speaking with an employee about the high number of broken lights and downed poles along this stretch.

“Since then all of the 12 lights have now gone dark and this part of the highway has become a dangerous place to drive or walk after hours.”

Downes said that he particularly felt concern for pedestrians who had to use the road going to and from work on the South Coast, as it was no longer lit.

Sharmaine Roland-Bowen, president of the Barbados Road Safety Association, on Sunday echoed Downes’ sentiments.

“Those lights were out for far too long. Someone needs to start taking responsibility for the neglect to do what’s right.

“They know that up there is a black spot because they are always having collisions … those lights off for far too long,” she added.