January 27, 2017
ULP holds in-house elections

Senator Julian Francis has been re-elected general secretary of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) for the 23rd consecutive year.

He was elected last Monday at the party’s National Council Meeting, held at the Peace Memorial Hall in Kingstown.

Every year, at the party’s National Council Meeting, elections are held for the positions of general secretary, assistant general secretary, treasurer, three trustees and 15 delegates at large.

Speaking on Star Radio on Tuesday evening, Francis said these officers are normally elected annually at the party’s first meeting following the national convention. He said although the ULP has not yet had its national convention for 2017, a decision was taken have the elections.

Carlos James, the ULP’s caretaker in North Leeward, was elected assistant general secretary, replacing Elson Crick, who didn’t stand for re-election.

David Browne was re-elected as treasurer, while McGregor Brisbane, Hendrick Alexander, Philemon Allen were all re-elected as trustees of the party.

Fourteen ‘delegates at large’ were also re-elected. They are Murray Bullock, Bert Evans, Frank Branch, Patrick DaSilva, Caleb Williams, Celita Davy, Mavis Williams, Noel Jackson, Amos Dennie, Olivia DaSilva, Charles James, Ennis Morgan, Adam Billingy and Burns Bonadie. A 15th ‘delegate at large’, Mikey James, was elected to replace Robert A Sandy, who Francis said is not in very good health.

The other positions in the party such as political leader, deputy political leader, chairman and deputy chairman are elected at the party’s national convention every two years, as stated in the party’s constitution.