January 27, 2017
Opposition needs time to study estimates – NDP

With the Estimates scheduled to be laid before the House of Assembly on Monday, January 30, Opposition members have decried the late delivery of the draft estimates to them.

“Today is Wednesday the 25th as I speak we have not seen the draft estimate,” parliamentary representative for West Kingstown Daniel Cummings said while speaking on the New Times programme last Wednesday.

Describing the Budget as the most important item on the political calendar, Cummings said the Estimates should have been drafted since December 31, last year.

Lending support to his colleague, representative for East Kingstown and former Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace said that with the Budget being a rather large document, with sometimes over 600 pages, Opposition members need time to sit and study the document in order to debate in the Parliament.

He agreed with Cummings that the Budget and the Estimates need to be taken seriously.

“It is a process the really needs to be taken seriously if we are serious about the governance of this country,” Eustace said.(CM)