January 27, 2017
NDP pushes back convention date

The annual convention of the New Democratic Party (NDP), which was scheduled for February 5, will now be held on February 12.

This announcement was made on Wednesday by parliamentary representative for West Kingstown Daniel Cummings, while on the New Times programme on Nice Radio.

Cummings explained that because the Budget address will be held on February 6, a decision was taken to postpone the convention.

The annual convention is being held on the heels of an extraordinary convention, which was held on November 27, 2016 to elect a new president of the party, after former leader Arnhim Eustace stepped down.

At next month’s convention, a new chairperson will be elected, since current chair Dr Linton Lewis told SEARCHLIGHT last week that he would not be offering himself for re-election.

Elections will be held for two vice-presidents, the secretary general, the assistant secretary, the treasurer and the public relations officer.(CM)