Missing box of equipment baffles GHS Headmistress
January 10, 2017
Missing box of equipment baffles GHS Headmistress

The Headmistress of the St Vincent Girls High School (GHS) is baffled by the mysterious disappearance of a package from the Customs and Excise Department which holds equipment for the school’s recently opened Seat of Business Excellence Centre.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT at the school yesterday, headmistress Andrea Bowman explained that the box, which contains audio-visual equipment for the centre and which arrived on the island last year, has gone missing.

Bowman explained that the school was to receive two boxes, one containing the audio-visual equipment and the other with the stand to mount the equipment.

She said late last year, they were informed that the packages had arrived and the requisite paper work was done through the Ministry of the Education; yet all they received was the box containing the stand to mount the equipment.

“We were supposed to have got at least two boxes,…the broader of the two boxes with the actual stuff…the projector… and all of that, they were packed into one box; that box is missing,” she added.

Bowman is, however, of the opinion that the box may have been misplaced, rather than stolen and said the school intends to pursue the matter.

“I would euphemistically say that it was misplaced…but suffice it to say that we intend to get it back, because it came here; somebody must be responsible. Somebody has to be responsible for that and we intend to pursue it.”

Jehann Jack, a past student of the GHS and the donor of the missing audio-visual equipment, told SEARCHLIGHT that while she is not aware of the items reaching St Vincent and the Grenadines, she does know that they arrived at the address in the US which she was asked to send them to.

Jack said that it is her belief in philanthropy and volunteerism which led her to make the donation.

“I know my American and UK based universities, they are very good in terms of engaging with alumni and trying to get alumni to remain engaged in the university even beyond graduation. And, while I contribute to these…universities which have so many resources…I decided I shouldn’t just think about the foreign based ones, I should think about those where I had my start,” she stated.(CM)