DaSilva wins Best Lit House
December 30, 2016

DaSilva wins Best Lit House

Cane End resident Oliva DaSilva has for the sixth time won the VINLEC National Nine Mornings Lighting up competition ‘Best Lit House’ category.

DaSilva’s annual theme incorporates Jesus Christ and this year was no different, with the theme ‘Shaping the Heart to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ,’ which, according to her, is based on the biblical passage – Matthew chapter 15, verse 8.{{more}}

She told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that it is always a pleasure to know after brainstorming and embarking on her yearly lighting-up, that she walked away with the top prize.

DaSilva, who describes herself as humble person, said that while she doesn’t enter the competition thinking she would win each year, she does look forward to winning.

“It was no surprise actually, because when I set out to do anything, I do nothing but my best and once I have a theme and I work around the theme…I am successful.”

The six-time winner stated that it is her creativity that sets her apart from other competitors.

“…if you come and I explain the different lighting sections that I have, you could see what is happening,” she said.

DaSilva, who has been entering the competition since 2000, explained that although putting up lights each year costs her around $800 on her electricity bill, she doesn’t mind, because she does it for the children and her community.

“I have the light and…that is my burning desire to fulfill the needs of those children down at Cane End School.

“They are the ones who would come up, even around that time when they saw me back home, ‘Ms DaSilva when you putting up the lights’. And, as soon as I put them on, on the 16th …a group of them from Carriere came down to see the lights,” she noted.

DaSilva stated that this year, because of the unpredictable weather, she is unsure if she would leave the lights up until January 6, as she always does.

“…the way the weather is, we have no prediction for the weather and as a matter of fact I lost a whole… bag full.”

Jimmy Samuel of Rillan Hill had to settle for second place, with the Baptiste residence of Lower Questelles taking the third spot. The Providence residence of Frenches took the fourth position.(CM)