Rubis spreads  Christmas cheer to Sandy Bay residents
December 23, 2016

Rubis spreads Christmas cheer to Sandy Bay residents

Last Tuesday was one day that many residents of Sandy Bay will remember, as they would not have to enjoy the holidays as was expected, following the recent devastating passage of a weather system which left many homeless, and millions of dollars in infrastructural damages.

Staff of leading petroleum products company RUBIS on Tuesday paid a visit to the devastated community, and a number of residents received food baskets and other items.{{more}}

Vanwayne Nero, whose family received a close call when rushing flood waters, along with downed trees and dislodged boulders, almost removed their dwelling from its foundations, said that “it was the most frightening night of his life.”

Vanwayne and his family suffered extensive damage.., and according to him: “This is the worst that I have experienced and I have been on this earth for many years.”

His daughter who was standing next to him, said: “We have experienced three very bad storms. Tomas, the December 2013 trough system, and this one. The worst of them was this system.”

Vanwayne, who at one time owned a bus transporting persons to and from Kingstown, said that he was happy when he was told by a Rubis official that the company will be doing its best to help the affected residents.

“I am happy that we are getting help from Rubis. Today Rubis came by just in the nick of time, just at the time when we need assistance. These items will certainly brighten our Christmas,” stated Nero. “All my products are from Rubis, and today they have showed kindness to me and my family. After what we went through what Rubis has done for us I will always remember.”

Another resident who was moved by the Rubis generosity was Orden Hoyte, who is trying to piece together his life after the devastating waters left his house precariously perched on part of its foundation, with walls left standing as a reminder of nature’s fury when aroused.

Making a number of calls on other affected residents, the Rubis delegation’s visit greatly moved bedridden 94-year-old Margaret. Unable to see, she made her feelings known to Rubis country representative Elroy Edwards, who sat on her bed and chitchatted with her.

According to Margaret, she is very appreciative and thankful to Rubis for taking the time out to visit her and presenting her with a food basket.

The Rubis country representative said that he did not realize the extent of the damage caused by the flood waters from the trough system until he visited the villages. He was deeply moved by the persons affected and displaced and very much pleased with the initiative taken by his company to help the affected persons of Sandy Bay.

Persons at the Sandy Bay emergency shelter were also recipients of food items from Rubis.