‘My aim is to build the Christmas spirit in the community’ – Samuel
December 23, 2016
‘My aim is to build the Christmas spirit in the community’ – Samuel

Jimmy Samuel, a four-time winner of the “VINLEC – Kenneth Ash Memorial Best Lit House” competition is less focused on competition this year and more on the Christmas spirit in his community.

Samuel won the competition in 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014 and in last year’s interview with SEARCHLIGHT was more confident than ever that he would win; however, this year, {{more}}there doesn’t seem to be any focus placed on winning.

“One person cannot win every year,” he told reporters last Thursday, December 15, during the annual “lighting up” at his home.

Samuel, who is enthusiastic about the season, noted that although his annual event is costly, he loves to do it.

During the Christmas season the Rillan Hill resident is known to spend between $800 and $1,200 on his electricity bill; however, because he sees himself as a pillar in the community, he continues to host the event.

“You see, the people coming all the time and if even I don’t want to do it, they’re asking me to do it,” he said, without a sound of regret in his voice.

“I just love to do it; I don’t know, I get the spirit every time Christmas come.”

Despite the fact that this year was a difficult one for him, as many of his lights stopped working and he did not receive much help, Samuel seemed excited that a number of international visitors have already indicated that they intend to visit his house for the “light up” this year.

Upon the official turning on of the lights, SEARCHLIGHT observed a number persons taking photos of the lights and decorations, which included a display of baby Jesus in a manger, a rotating Christmas tree and a sleeping Santa Claus, among other decorations along the side and in front of the house.

Following the blessing, done by Father Mark de Silva of the Roman Catholic Church, at Rillan Hill, children, fascinated by the decorations, ran about playing, while adults stood around chatting and looking on.

This will be Samuel’s ninth year of participation in the competition.(AS)