KFC shares the joy of Christmas
December 23, 2016

KFC shares the joy of Christmas

KFC St Vincent, under the management of Tessa Glass, is a perfect example of charity within a business. This Christmas season, KFC St Vincent felt the joy of sharing and with it decided to dedicate time to orphanages around the country.{{more}}

On Monday, December 19, some of KFC’s workers journeyed to the Leeward and Windward parts of the island, paying visits to three children’s homes – St Benedict’s, Bread of Life, and Salvation Army Children’s Home.

In the spirit of Christmas, KFC brought Santa Claus and friends along for the visit. Gifts were distributed to all the children, as well as to the homes’ caretakers. KFC also fulfilled a wish list that was received from each home, which included groceries and things of the sort.

Even outside of the Christmas season, KFC is proud to be supporting the needs of those who are in challenging situations. They have been doing so since they reopened late last year. They regularly contribute/ donate items such as chicken to places like the Red Cross, VinSave, Salvation Army, and a soup kitchen in Kingstown.

Since the beginning of 2016, KFC has donated a total of 2,191 lbs of raw chicken and 1,789 lbs of cooked chicken.

KFC and its employees are also contributing to Sandy Bay’s flood relief. On Wednesday, they journeyed to Sandy Bay with food products, toiletries, clothing and the like, in an effort to bring relief to those who lost during St Vincent’s recent floods.