Trinity Security Choir sings its way to another victory
December 20, 2016
Trinity Security Choir sings its way to another victory

The Trinity School of Medicine Security Choir won another resounding victory in the institution’s second annual carolling contest, held at the Hotel Alexandrina on Thursday, December 8, during the institution’s annual end of year staff dinner.

The confident Security singers won from a field of four departments at Trinity: Drivers, Housekeeping, Deanery and Security. With each choir charged with presenting a test piece and another piece using the melody of an existing song with improvised lyrics;{{more}} the Security choir, appearing in fourth position, did a professional version of the test piece, “Today a Child is Born on Earth.” They boasted two soloists out front, resplendent in their black uniforms and with choir conductor and guitarist. It was clear that they were competing to win, as they launched out with an impressive beginning to their test song, only to increase its flavour as its soloists took over intermittently. In this round, although the eagerness and enthusiasm was apparent, the Security choir chose to hold back the vocal fury which they had planned to deliver to the competition.

Singing, “Mary Did You Know”, they delayed their choral presentation, choosing rather to introduce their piece with an entire wrestling match scenario, in which they fought and won the championship belt. There was no end to the shouts of victory and the parade in front of the choir showing off their treasured belt. It was then that they turned their backs to the audience, pulled off their black shirts and faced their competitors and supporters clad in green ones. The rest was history!

Performing in second position, the all-female singers from the Housekeeping department gave a good account of themselves when they delivered their test piece in enthusiastic style. Singing from song sheets and uniformedly attired, their harmonious voices produced powerful melodies. Their second “Chante Hiding from me Whole Year” piece produced animated movements, which evolved into the distributing of sweets to the audience. They placed second.

Placing third, was the choir from the Deanery, consisting of four females and one male. Their performance was suave, showing control of their modulated voices in the test song. For their second rendition, “Every Day is Christmas”, they chose to be dramatic, using carefully organized props to bring out their message.

The Drivers choir placed fourth. Apart from their test piece, they sang “O Holy Night” in the second round. They began with a soloist, followed by the choir. They interchanged intermittently. Their centre-placed drummer and soloist, whose imposed lyrics included, “No work, no work tonight,” created a stir.

The task of selecting a winner was delegated to four judges. They were former Commissioner of Police Michael Charles and Sergeant Rodwell Swift of the Calliaqua Police Station. Dr Jovanovich, professor of Pathology, and Dr Conrad Nedd, professor of Clinical Medicine at Trinity also sat on the panel. Their task required that they score each choir on creativity, stage presentation, vocal quality, audience response, and judges’ impression.

The employees at Trinity then received their prizes and other awards for excellent work during 2016. The activity could easily be called a family affair, one which Trinity vows to continue as the years roll over.