N’Dambi Cards releases Christmas card collection
December 20, 2016
N’Dambi Cards releases Christmas card collection

With Christmas just around the corner, local greeting card business N’dambi Cards has been helping Vincentians get into the mood of the season with its new line of festive and creative Christmas cards.

Featuring five different designs, the 2016 Christmas collection ranges in size from minis to medium-sized, to the regular 5 x 7 size, and cards are available for purchase singly, or in a pack of five.{{more}}

The creator and head designer of N’dambi Cards, who prefers to be known just as ‘Tammy’, spoke with SEARCHLIGHT last week Tuesday, giving an insight into her journey thus far, after establishing the brand in 2013.

She explained that although handmade cards cost more than mass produced cards, she aims to cater for every budget.

“We try to create a card for every budget…Handmade isn’t cheap… in order to produce, it’s quite expensive. So, we try to create something for everybody.”

In addition to its Christmas collection, N’dambi Cards also makes cards for every occasion – including birthdays, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, sympathy cards and more – and also offers a custom/bespoke option, where cards are designed according to the customer’s specifications.

“For the custom cards, we also offer sentiments… We would inquire about the recipient, what is the relationship you have with the person and then we create a sentiment based on what is given to us.”

She added: “We try to make a connection between what is on the card and what goes inside the card.”

In addition to cards, Tammy also creates wedding invitations, book markers, menu cards, table numbering and many other paper-based products.

“We basically do everything for an event that requires paper.”

With three other persons currently on-board with N’dambi Cards, Tammy mused on how her brand has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

The business was established three years ago, after she received rave reviews from friends when she organized a baby shower for a close friend of hers.

“I was actually going to buy the invitations… but they wouldn’t have gotten here on time.”

Tammy explained that as a self-confessed “paper junkie” and “scrap-booker”, she had material at home with which she could make the invitations herself.

“One Friday night, I sat down at about 9… and I said I was just going to create one and then just duplicate it. That didn’t happen; I ended up creating 12!”

She further recalled: “It was about 1 [a.m] and my back hurt but this was so fun!

“I gave the invitations out… and they were like ‘these are nice; you should get into events!’”

Her brother’s girlfriend at the time (who works in the card-making supplies sector) saw the invitations and was thoroughly impressed. So much so that she sent Tammy some supplies for free.

“I had never really made cards,” she admitted. “The woman had sent 18 lbs of paper and I paid like $300 plus to clear them!”

So, in order to recoup that sum, she decided to start making cards to sell to the public. And so began N’dambi Cards.

Tammy also admitted that when she produced her first batch of cards, she was somewhat sceptical and anxious about the response that she would receive.

“I didn’t know how people would receive us; and when it’s your stuff, that’s an attack on you… But I remember a girlfriend was like ‘listen Tammy, just go for it!’”

But in hindsight, she need not have worried, as the public response to her cards was “amazing”, and word spread quickly about the quality and creativity of her products.

“I’ve had a lot of friends and family who have really supported this venture, and I did not expect it to get this far… I really couldn’t do it without them.”

On N’dambi Cards’ Facebook page, the reviews are all glowing – full of happy customers who have no reservations about fulfilling all their greeting card needs with the brand.

Facebook user Laurel Dionne Dennie posted: “N’dambi has taken cards and invitation to a whole new level. You have certainly raised the standard. Beautiful Unique pieces that are quite affordable.”

Another Facebook user, Nyasha Davis-Joseph, who described N’dambi Cards as “absolutely amazingly beautiful”, posted: “Proud that such talent can be found right here in Vincy! I see these cards going international.”

In addition to having a Facebook page, N’dambi Cards also has an Instagram account.

Tammy also attributed her success with her business thus far to her faith in God.

“That’s why, as much as possible, I try to contribute every year, whether it’s at church or some other cause. We just don’t publicize it. As much as I am outgoing… I am also very private.”

She also explained how the name of her business came about – she simply used her middle name.

“It means ‘the most beautiful’, so it was very appropriate for the cards… everything just worked!”

And what’s in store for the future of N’dambi? Tammy said that she is determined to increase her brand’s presence and popularity within SVG; and is also looking to eventually establish a presence within the region.

“It would take quite a team to get it done, because we would still have to create our own images… but I am going to open a store!” (JSV)