More customers win in DIGICEL‘s ‘GetGifted’ Christmas promotion
December 20, 2016
More customers win in DIGICEL‘s ‘GetGifted’ Christmas promotion

“This has assisted me greatly with my grocery shopping this Christmas;” “I spent $15 to top up and here I am shopping for groceries valued at over $400 at no cost to me!” “Thank you Digicel! I really needed this help to put a smile on my family’s faces!”

Those were just a few of the comments from the very elated group of Digicel customers, who were last Friday, December 16, named winners in the Digicel 2016 GETGIFTED promotion.{{more}} The most recent group of winners are: Jemuel Hutchins of Bequia, Wesley Robinson of Arnos Vale, Peter Davis of Belair, Glaston Allicott of Gomea and Monifa Latham of Diamond. The customers all qualified after topping up and texting the serial number found at the back of the scratch card to 1130; they were then randomly selected for the $2,000 shopping spree at Coreas Food Mart. Having picked their shopping value from a jar, the customers were then allotted two minutes to accumulate as many items as possible, amounting to their value. Among the items that were thrown into the lucky customers’ shopping carts are: hams, pampers, cheese, liquor and turkeys.

The ecstatic Digicel customers praised the telecommunications company for giving Vincentians the opportunity to win both cash and prizes in so many different ways this Christmas. The winners also used the opportunity to encourage other Digicel customers to participate in the Christmas promotion, as the rewards and benefits to be had are tremendous.

Digicel’s marketing manager Danielle Cupid congratulated the winners and urged them to gift someone and brighten their Christmas in the same way Digicel is gifting its customers. Cupid said while Friday’s shopping spree was the first supermarket sweep, it will not be the last in the 2016 GETGIFTED promotion, as this Friday, December 23, will see a fourth group of Digicel customers sweeping the isles of another supermarket in Kingstown to an even greater value than $2,000. Meanwhile, Union Island resident Kate Thomas is Digicel’s second “Golden Ticket” winner. Thomas was identified winner after topping up $15 and would have received a Golden Ticket with a value of $3,000 cash. Digicel is allowing thousands of Vincentians to scratch and win over $150,000 in cash and prizes in its 2016 GETGIFTED campaign.