Vinlec provides $15,000 in  relief supplies
December 9, 2016
Vinlec provides $15,000 in relief supplies

St Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) has donated EC$15,000 in relief supplies to persons affected by the November Trough System in the north of the island.

Employees of the power Company were involved in an outreach programme on Wednesday (December 7), where they journeyed to Sandy Bay to meet with affected residents and distribute relief items.{{more}}

VINLEC’s Communications Officer Tamara Job-Sprott says the donation to the community is in line with the Company’s outreach and volunteerism programme for 2016. She noted that this year VINLEC’s Corporate theme is “Our Community – Our People” and that the Company has made a conscious effort to provide service in various communities across the country beyond the traditional lines and poles.

Job-Sprott noted that the VINLEC teams were among the first persons to enter the community of Sandy Bay following the passage of the system and that the employees were touched by what they encountered. She said that the Company was moved to respond having recognized the extent of the devastation.

With guidance from the National Emergency Management Organisation, VINLEC distributed 30 double mattresses, 30 sheet sets and 60 pillows in the community. VINLEC also distributed 50 food baskets and 50 tubs with household items, such as towels, rags, cutlery, cleaning agents and toiletries.

On Friday, the Company will also make donations of food baskets and tubs to six families in Rose Place and Spring Village who remain in Shelters.

Employees who took part in the initiative noted that the experience was rewarding. The have pledged to continue working in the communities throughout the country to assist, where possible, in national development.