December 9, 2016
New Mental Health Act on books for 2017

The government of St Vincent and Grenadines will soon enact new legislation to protect the rights of sections of vulnerable persons in society.

This was disclosed by Minster of Health, Wellness and the Environment Luke Browne on Tuesday at the re-opening of the Mental Health Centre at Villa.{{more}}

“The Mental Health Act [of 1989] under which we are currently labouring … is clearly outmoded. It conforms in neither language nor substance to the contemporary reality and values and is out sync with this upgraded centre,” he said.

Browne added that the draft replacement Bill was currently in the possession of the Attorney General.

“We are determined that our laws on this subject must be relevant to the times and consistent with our human rights obligations,” the Minister stated.

The refurbished Mental Health Centre was re-opened on Tuesday after rehabilitation work that began last year was completed.

Currently 200 persons are being housed at the Mental Health Centre, of which 150 are males and 50 are females. (CM)