Dauphine woman wants public to know she is HIV negative
December 9, 2016
Dauphine woman wants public to know she is HIV negative

A Dauphine woman is pleading with members of her community and the general public to stop spreading false rumours about her HIV status.

Speaking with SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, December 8, Maretta Cato explained that she used to be fuller figured and since she lost a lot of weight earlier last year, people have been saying that she has the HIV/AIDS virus.{{more}}

“I need the rumours to stop today!” insisted the 23-year-old, who could not contain her tears throughout the interview.

She said that she experienced significant weight loss because she was stressed out because of working conditions at her job at the time.

“It is very frustrating, because I can’t walk in the street without someone passing their remarks.”

Cato said that the rumour that she is HIV positive has been circulating within her community for some time, but has now spread even further.

“My co-worker said that someone messaged her on Facebook asking if I really have AIDS… It is upsetting!”

This prompted Cato to take an HIV test at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital yesterday, and the result indicates that she does not have the disease.

The Dauphine resident said that prior to this test, she last checked her HIV status in 2014, when she embarked on a relationship with her then boyfriend.

She explained that she takes her sexual health very seriously as there are many diseases out there that she does not want to contract; and she further pointed out that contrary to what other persons are saying, she does not sleep around.

“The way the world is going, I can’t afford to run around.” (JSV)