Leader of the Opposition visits Windward victims
December 2, 2016
Leader of the Opposition visits Windward victims

Leader of the Opposition and President of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Dr Godwin Friday, along with members of the NDP leadership team, last Wednesday braved the elements to visit several communities on the Windward side of mainland St Vincent affected by heavy rains and floods associated with a trough system that has lingered for several days.

Friday and members of the NDP leadership team,{{more}} including Benjamin Exeter, Israel Bruce, Daniel Cummings and Noel Dickson, stopped at several locations, including Argyle, Mespo, Greiggs, Hadley’s Village and surrounding areas.

The Opposition Leader spoke with several residents who had suffered significant property damage and called on all Vincentians to lend a helping hand in the recovery efforts.

Friday also expressed concern about damage caused by flood waters to several burial grounds and urged the Ministry of Health to move swiftly to address any potential health risks to nearby communities.

Friday noted: “The New Democratic Party stands shoulder to shoulder with all persons affected by this natural disaster and stands ready to assist with the relief efforts. It is important for us to connect with the people and to feel their suffering, so we can know how best to address their situation. In addition to our journey today, we plan to also visit the Leeward side of the island and offer whatever assistance we can to communities that have been cut off as a result of the damage to our infrastructure. I am also glad to be joined by several members of the team as we go out to meet the people and listen to their concerns.”