Bullies, their victims at the risk of emotional trauma – social worker
December 2, 2016

Bullies, their victims at the risk of emotional trauma – social worker

Although cyberbullying could take a toll on the victim’s social and emotional health, the bullies themselves are also at risk.

Speaking at a conference organized to discuss the Cybercrime Act last Friday, Kevan Glasgow, a social worker attached to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), said that bullies sometimes end up being antisocial, have an increased risk of alcohol and drug dependency and like the victims, have an increased risk of depression.{{more}}

Glasgow also stated that cyberbullying causes social withdrawal, loneliness, isolation, low self-esteem and depression adding that it is more prevalent in females than males.

According to him, persons who are bullied are pushed into a state which causes them to think and act inappropriately; they also feel vulnerable and powerless, and so, victims also have suicidal tendencies.

“When a person feels overwhelmed, feels alone and they are pushed into a corner where they think that they have to hide, they feel so humiliated… a lot of individuals turn to drugs,” said Glasgow.

The social worker added that the rate of suicide is also increasing, as a number of persons are being affected psychologically.

Glasgow called on parents to be observant and seek help as early as possible. He noted that teachers and counsellors should also intervene as early as possible.

“If this does not happen then the effects of cyberbullying would be more devastating,” he stressed.

Last Friday’s conference was held at Arnos Vale at the Division of Technical and Vocational Education of the SVG Community College.(AS)