Historic night shopping in SVG
November 29, 2016
Historic night shopping in SVG

It was the first, yet exciting midnight shopping in capital city Kingstown! Thanks to the hundreds of Vincentians who braved the rain, night dew and all the other elements and obstacles and journeyed to Kingstown to be a part of Digicel SVG’s first midnight Black Friday sale.

The Black Friday sale saw the Digicel flag ship store, The Cell, bursting its doors open at midnight on Thursday, November 24 to 3 a.m. Friday, November 25. {{more}}Among the great offers were Samsung Galaxy S7s, which were reduced to 50 per cent off and an additional 10 per cent discount was offered to the first 25 persons who entered the store.

The sale saw persons queuing up outside the store for hours before, from as early as 6:30 in the evening. When asked what they intended to purchase when they got inside the store, most in line said the Samsung Galaxy S7s, which were significantly reduced from EC $2,699 to EC $1,079.60. However, only the first six persons in store were able to capitalize on this amazing deal.

Digicel SVG country manager John Davies commended all the persons who came out and defied all odds to be a part of the historic Black Friday sale, adding that he had no doubt that the midnight sale would have been a success. Davies, however, admitted that the great discount offers and very attractive deals brought out a lot more persons than he had anticipated.

Additionally, Davies explained that one of the main reasons for putting on such a sale was to allow Vincentians to enjoy a true Black Friday shopping experience, with amazing deals and offers and a shopping environment filled with energy, live music and lots to eat and partake of. The Digicel SVG country manager said persons can look forward to another awesome Black Friday shopping experience in 2017, adding that it is his hope that more businesses in Kingstown will follow, which will result in more Vincentians benefitting, and an overall enhanced Black Friday shopping experience for locals.