13 new radio amateurs to serve North Windward district
November 29, 2016

13 new radio amateurs to serve North Windward district

There are now 13 women and men from the North Central Windward and North Windward districts who are trained to provide emergency communications (Emcoms) services, should the need arise.

They are: Carolyn Da Breo, Carisa Blucher, Carnetta Blucher, Josette Davis, Jahmer John, Kenroy Richardson,{{more}} Lawson Bonadie, Ranique Williams, Shamanta Fraser, Trevor Huggins, Veronica John, Whitney Ambriton, Zanjeev Sutherland and Zeran Sutherland.

The ham radio course was organized by St Clair Yearwood, who is the community development officer from that area, with the actual training being conducted by director of the Rainbow Radio League Inc Donald De Riggs.

The course covered, among other things, basic electronics, antenna theory and construction, frequency allocations for ham radio, emergency message handling and radio etiquette.

The students made and tested an emergency 40m dipole, as part of the course work and on Saturday, November 26, made an 80m dipole which is now permanently located at the Community Centre in Georgetown. Testing of the new antenna made by the students yielded excellent results.

This team of new radio amateurs will be involved in an outdoor weekend activity to simulate a disaster scenario before the end of 2016. This activity is designed to provide ‘hands on’ experience for radio operators in the field, using emergency radio equipment only.

St Vincent and the Grenadines is prone to several natural hazards, including hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and there is a need for persons trained in emergency communications island-wide, should the telephone system collapse or be damaged by any hazard, natural or manmade.