November 25, 2016
Youlou Arts Foundation to establish Art Centre and Gallery

by Camille Saunders Musser

Youlou Arts Foundation is taking a giant step forward. We are in the midst of preparing a space to establish an Art Centre and Gallery. Something we have been dreaming and fund raising for and yes praying for, has finally come to be!

It is very exciting news for the organization and needless to say we are extremely excited!{{more}}

Youlou Arts Founation was given the opportunity to rent the ground floor of the property of Mr Basil Charles at Villa Beach and the organization is seizing it. The organization is fortunate to be renting a very attractive space by the sea, a short distance from, Kingstown, heading towards the windward side of the island. The building is in the heart of the tourist area in Villa. It is surrounded by hotels and restaurants. The Young Island Resort, lies just a five minute ride away by launch.

For the past seven years Youlou Arts Foundation has been eagerly fundraising towards establishing an Art Center and Gallery. We have been bullish in our thinking of trying to make our dream come true. To this end the organization has been busily fundraising in a variety of creative ways.

In 2015 the organization came up with the idea of organizing an annual Art Show and Sale with an auction of gift certificates from various businesses around the island. In 2016 another successful Art Show and Sale was held in the curator’s house at the Botanical Gardens. Plans to organize the 2017 annual Art Show and Sale in the new premises at Villa are being made. This event will also serve as the launch of the Youlou Arts Centre.

Youlou Arts Foundation believes the time is right for a dedicated Art Centre and Gallery to serve St Vincent and the Grenadines. Currently, there is a lack of appropriate venues where local visual artists can showcase their work or where visiting exhibitions can be displayed. In addition there are no educational institutions specializing in offering art classes to children, and adults.

The goal is to have a self-sustainable Art Centre and Gallery. It would be an educational institutional offering art classes and specialized training to children, and adults.

The plan is to offer art education to children during the school year and during the holidays, finally we can do this throughout the year.

Youlou Arts Foundation will be offering art workshops to the general public.

The vision is to play a role in offering economic support to local artists and artisan, by selling hand-crafted items on the premises.

Also it seeks to bill itself as a tourist attraction with the possibility to provide an attractive venue for both art and cultural events.

The Art Centre will organize training workshops for art teachers. Have art events, such as poetry readings, and musical events.

Youlou Arts Foundation plans to network with art faculties, museums and artists around the world.

The international airport soon to be completed, should make it possible for more visitors to come to the islands. Youlou Arts Foundation is preparing for that day. We want to offer tourists the opportunity to see local art. The organization realizes that artists are vital in revitalizing and bringing development to the community.

Yes we have many plans and ideas to put into action, but for the moment the plan is to start very small. Our plan is to be in operation by Saturday December 3, 2016. We will be offering a program which we are calling “Youlou Christmas Art Experience” to children age 5 – 13. to register for this program call 457 1914.

The public launch will take place March 4. We are still making plans for the launch. More details will be forth coming as the plans become more concrete.

Youlou Arts Foundation asks for your continued support. We ask that you be on the look out for more information about upcoming events, programs and workshops.