November 25, 2016
SSL must bring compound up to standard before OSH Bill passes

Once this country passes its Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Bill, the St Vincent Shipyard Limited (SSL) will have to put a number of things in place or face serious consequences.

That is the view of president of the National Workers Movement (NWM) Noel Jackson.{{more}}

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, amidst disturbances over wages at the Ottley Hall based compound of SSL, Jackson said that to his knowledge, the OSH Bill is before a Select Committee and may soon be sent to Parliament and once it is passed, SSL will have to do all in its power to make sure that the compound is up to standard.

Currently, workers at the marina and shipyard do not have all the correct gear that is needed to safely carry out their jobs. Workers are complaining about the lack of gloves, respirators and shoes among other items.

“Management is aware that the Bill is not being fulfilled,” stressed Jackson on Wednesday, adding, “that is something that Daniel will have to work out because when that Bill is introduced, he is going to be in a lot of trouble.”

Daniel Ravotti is the managing director at SSL.

“He is going to be in a lot of problems and the fines and penalties are much more than we have ever seen, so he will have to weigh his options and find money somewhere for safety gear required for the workers,” stated Jackson, who added that a number of items that are supposed to be part of the workers’ safety gear are absent.

He noted, however, that both the NWM and the Government have been asking for “at least” the minimum standards to be met because of the financial situation at SSL.(LC)