National HIV/Aids Secretariat to host Play and Say Fun Day
November 25, 2016
National HIV/Aids Secretariat to host Play and Say Fun Day

HIV/AIDS advocate Sydney ‘Pumpkin’ Joseph is urging Vincentians affected by the disease to attend an upcoming Fun Day, which is an event leading up to World AIDS day on December 1.

The event, called “Play and Say”, will be held on November 29 from 9 a.m. at the National HIV/Aids Secretariat at Old Montrose.{{more}}

During an interview with SEARCHLIGHT last week, Joseph explained that the fun day is an opportunity for persons affected by the virus to voice their concerns.

According to Joseph, the aim of the fun day, where refreshments would be available, is to find persons who are not on treatment and help them to get treated and also empower them, so they could suppress the virus.

“You have your domino, you walk with that; we having fun, but we are being safe,” he said.

It is the hope of the HIV/AIDS advocate that he would find persons as brave as he is to rally on World AIDS day.

He is also calling on persons to be brave.

“Once you know your status, you’re supposed to be on treatment, but for some people, they use it as a form of revenge. Some others are reluctant, because they know and they refuse to go on treatment.”

Joseph noted that since Ferosa Roach became director at the National HIV/Aids Secretariat, she has shown more passion because of her nursing history and has ensured that persons who are diagnosed are immediately put on treatment.

“Right now the gate open, and we open to any sexually active person,” he added.

“We really frighten for the youths catching the virus, because we know the agony of the virus.”

The week of activities will be launched on November 24, 2016, followed by a Public Speaking competition on November 25, an HIV Awareness island tour on November 26, an HIV Awareness/Charity Dance on November 28 and the Fun Day and Care package distribution for people living with HIV and AIDS on November 29.

These activities all lead up to a March and Rally on December 1 in recognition of World Aids Day under the theme ‘Hands up for #HIVprevention’. (AS)